CrossFire Reports

Unlike most travel reporting systems which have evolved in a piecemeal fashion over
time, CrossFire has been designed specifically to allow travel managers and travel agency management to address the six major objectives of travel management reporting. These objectives are:

A sample report is shown for each of the six objectives.

Objective1: Report to Upper Management

Top management requires an analysis of the key statistics related to travel. A single-page report should answer two major questions:

How much did we spend?
How well did we spend it?

The Executive Summary should be supported by trend analyses indicating how the key statistics have fluctuated over time.

More Objective 1 Reports.

Objective 2: Monitor Overall Performance

Much like the summary prepared for senior management, the travel manager requires a single-page summary highlighting the key travel statistics. However, the travel manager requires more statistics than those provided to upper management. Travel Management Summary report should be the starting point in reviewing the overall performance of the travel program in terms of the travel policy and the travel budget.

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Objective 3: Identify Exceptions and Trends

A key feature of an effective travel management reporting system is the ability to highlight deviations from the travel policy or from the normal patterns. Exception reports, summarized by organizational units, should identify areas in which the travel manager should focus his/her attention.

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Objective 4: Research Exceptions

Once the travel manager has identified an organization unit or group that has contributed to the problem or opportunity being researched, detail exception reports will allow individual transactions to be reviewed.

More Objective 4 Reports.

Objective 5: Reduce Cost through Vendor Negotiations

Key to reducing travel cost is the ability to document vendor usage and travel patterns. For the major components of travel cost; air, hotel and car rental, the travel management system should produce reports that answer three basic questions;

What did we buy?,
Where did we buy it?
Who did we buy it from?.

These reports should be produced by organization unit, geographic area and other useful categories.

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Objective 6: Respond to Special Requests

Travel managers are constantly asked for "special requests" for travel-related information. The information must be easily accessible and in a flexible format that will allow timely and accurate responses.

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CrossFire Graphs

The CrossFire graph module, available from Binary Systems, Inc. is a fully-integrated,
system for producing high-quality, meaningful graphs. A wide range of graph types and presentations can be created by the CrossFire user. Graph types include horizontal bar, vertical bar, line and pie charts. Data in the charts can be stack or layered and multiple charts can be presented on one page.


More Sample Graphs.

CrossFire Online

Welcome to the CrossFire Online Demonstration!

Access to information via the Internet has become an essential tool for
effective management of the travel spending. CrossFire Online provides Internet access to the wide range of CrossFire reports and graphs. The reports you will be able to process can be customized to your exact needs. With a few simple entries and clicks you can process complete batches of reports or enter report selection criteria to perform "ad hoc" reporting. Your report results will either appear on your screen or will be e-mailed directly to you in Adobe Acrobat or Excel spreadsheet format.

The process is simple. To get started:

1. Click the Demo link below.
2. Enter the User ID: demo
3. Enter the Password: demo
4. Click the Logon button
5. Use the Help features to submit reports

Click here for a live demonstration of CrossFire Online

During the demonstration, you will be using the live CrossFire Online system. Help screens are available throughout. For help in starting the demo, Click here




CrossFire Drilldown

Welcome to the CrossFire Drilldown Demonstration!

CrossFire is pleased to announce our Drilldown product. This product, which is currently in development and is scheduled for release later this summer, gives you the ability to drilldown into your travel data with an easy to use interface.

Click here to see a demo of our new product.

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